EDS Bridge - Auto Post

Automate payment posting for virtually any payer that provides electronic payment files
EDS Bridge - Auto Post accelerates the revenue cycle by automatically posting payments for virtually any payer that provides electronic payment files. Its flexible, automated features make it an ideal solution for practices with high transaction volumes. With fewer errors and faster posting, the financial benefits add up quickly, transaction by transaction.

Customized Posting Solutions

Perhaps the most compelling feature of EDS Bridge - Auto Post is its tremendous flexibility. We realize every customer is unique. Our expert staff works closely with each client to create customized EDS Bridge - Auto Post solutions that interface with individual Practice Management systems and deliver the requested information enabling the automatic posting of more than just payments. EDS Bridge - Auto Post interactive posting technology can also post contractual adjustments, rejection notes, primary and secondary bill dates and commercial claims status notes. This combination of features results in one very significant benefit--increased efficiency.


  • Automated payment posting for participating Government and Commercial payers
  • Robust decision support
  • Tailored error and exception rules
  • Easy integration with existing systems and billing activities
  • Remote design, testing, installation and training
  • Highly trained and experienced development and customer support staff
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